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Video Tutorials

The following videos illustrate the general functionality of CFturbo. In 10 minutes the process from the design point specification to CFD simulation is shown for different applications.

The creation of these videos is an ongoing process, so new videos will appear here regularly.


Hydraulic Design and Optimization of Multistage Pumps

Design of a Cryogenic Rocket Turbopump

Design and Simulation of an Axial Pump

Waste Water Pump Design

Mixed-Flow Bowl Diffuser Pump Design

Centrifugal Pump Design and Simulation


Design of an Axial, Contra-rotating Fan

Design of an Axial Low-Pressure Fan


Axial Compressor Aerodynamic Rotor Design

Design of a Centrifugal Compressor

Conceptual Design of a Compressor for R134a


Design of an Axial, Single Stage Turbine