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Video Tutorials

The following videos illustrate the general functionality of CFturbo. In 10 minutes the process from the design point specification to CFD simulation is shown for different applications.

The creation of these videos is an ongoing process, so new videos will appear here regularly.

Design of an Axial, Contra-rotating Fan

Design and Simulation of an Axial Pump

Design of an Axial Low-Pressure Fan

Waste Water Pump Design

Mixed-Flow Bowl Diffuser Pump Design

Centrifugal Pump Design and Simulation


Webinars are held on request. For some topics, recordings are already available.

Our webinars offer

  • Introductory training This webinar gives a quick overview of key functions
  • Detailed program functions It helps to understand the general design process as well as specific functions of the code
  • CFturbo news Beginners and advanced users will learn about new features implemented in the latest releases
  • Turbomachinery design, simulation, and optimization Explore CFturbo-driven workflows

Do you have questions about the software or special webinar requests? We're here to help.

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CFturbo Webinare

What's new in CFturbo 2020.R1?

CFturbo + Xtreme

Design by CFturbo + multidisciplinary optimization by Xtreme

Optimization of a Radial Pump

CFturbo + TCFD

Design by CFturbo + OpenFOAM based CFD-Simulation by TCFD

Centrifugal Fans

Pump with Leakage Flow

Centrifugal Pumps

Radial Inflow Turbines

Centrifugal Compressors

Axial Fans & Blowers

CFturbo + optiSLang

Design by CFturbo + optimization by optiSLang

Optimization of turbo machines

Optimization and design of turbo machines
using ANSYS optiSLang and CFturbo

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