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Thermal and structural analyses - FEA

We support your product development process by applying state of the art simulation methods. The appropriate application of virtual development methods can significantly reduce time, effort, and resources needed to finish an engineering project.

In the field of FEA, we focus on challenging projects due to our distinct expertise in the following areas:

  • Thermal
  • Thermal Elastic
  • Static
  • Highly non-linear Dynamic
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Vibration analyses
  • Frequency response analyses
30Years of engineering experience
300CAE projects executed

Our methodology

CFturbo teams up with a number of powerful, commercial software packages.

CADAnsys Design Modeler, NX, SpaceClaim
MeshingAltair HyperMesh, Ansys Meshing, Netgen
SimulationAnsys-CFX/ Fluent, Ansys Mechanical, Calculix, OpenFOAM, Simerics, TCFD

Workflow example

CFt murex

Mechanical Utilities and Result Export

CFt murex is an extension devoloped for Ansys. It provides additional functionality and semi-automated workflows in Workbench, DesignModeler and Ansys Mechanical to accelerate our FEA projects.

  • Export
    CFt murex enables structured export of images, videos, project properties and results.
  • Workflows and Utility
    CFt murex offers specific workflows and numerous utility tools.
  • User Defined Results
    CFt murex includes user-defined result evaluations.

Additional geometry generation

Within the DesignModeler, CFt murex offers the possibility of additional generation of 1D and 3D bodies, such as screws.

Container operations

CFt murex offers additional operations within the Workbench (for example cleaning up all results) as well as starting external scripts.

We also offer you custom extension solutions for your project.

Project examples

More examples are available in the publications