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Workflows and prototypes

Automatic workflows are essential for accelerating the product development process.

Only automatic workflows open up the possibility of using DoE investigations or optimizations as part of product development.

30Years of engineering experience
300CAE projects executed


We develop automatic workflows according to your specification.

Our expertise in FEA, CFD and optimization coupled with our software development for the product CFturbo provide exceptional conditions for workflow developments.

The parametric integration of CFturbo into Ansys Workbench is a typical example of such a workflow.


Together with partners we organize design and manufacturing of prototypes.

Vacuum compressor
Two-stage transonic turbine

Additive Manufacturing
(3D printing)

An essential part of CFturbo’s engineering services is the additive manufacturing of rotating and non-rotating Turbomachinery components. For this purpose, we partner with various suppliers of Additive Manufacturing technology.

Different materials are selected for different types of Turbomachinery according to their fluid properties and operating conditions.

Consequently, we can create fully functional parts and prototypes.