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Engineering services for Turbomachinery

We support your product development process by applying state of the art simulation methods.

For consulting projects we use our own software as well as commercial codes such as Ansys and StarCCM+, among others.

The appropriate application of virtual development methods can significantly reduce time, effort, and resources needed to finish an engineering project.

Our company can perform turbomachinery consulting projects in a short time period at moderate costs. 


30Years of engineering experience
300CAE projects executed

What we offer

We do conceptual turbomachinery design, simulation, design exploration, optimization, prototyping, and testing. 

Our profound knowledge in turbomachinery empowers us to provide consulting and training courses in rotating machinery.

In addition, we offer expertise and resources to solve general fluid flow and heat transfer problems as well as workflow development.

Our Services

  • Design exploration and optimization of turbomachinery Apply state of the art CAE methods for fast, effective development projects
  • Flow simulation - CFD Use of commercial Navier-Stokes solvers such as Ansys-CFX or StarCCM+ to simulate complex flows patterns including heat transfer, multiphase, moving geometries, and more
  • Structural analysis - FEA Statics and dynamics, vibrations, rotor dynamics, life cycle fatigue, fracture mechanics, thermal analysis, fluid-structure coupling, and more
  • Product development Conceptual designs, design exploration, mechanical design evaluation
  • Prototyping and testing Rapid prototyping, Additive Manufacturing to validate simulation results.
    Testing in collaboration with partners in industry and academia
  • Consulting and training courses Consulting on turbomachinery, fluid flow and heat transfer. Training classes especially on turbomachinery design and optimization

Our focus

  • Pumps
    Automotive coolant pumps, heart pumps, industrial pumps, chemical pumps, garden pumps, fuel pumps, rocket turbopumps
  • Fans and blowers
    Industrial fans, cooling module fans, fans for air conditioners, vacuum cleaner blowers, electronic cooling devices
  • Compressors and turbines
    Turbochargers, industrial compressors, micro gas turbines
  • Other types of turbomachinery
    Industrial steam and gas turbines, aeroengine propulsion components, hydroturbines and wind turbines
  • Prototyping and testing
    Together with partners from industry and academia we offer functional prototypes and experimental investigation