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Reverse Engineering

Many companies have a large number of turbomachines from the past for which only CAD data is available because they were created manually within CAD systems or with the help of other design software.

In order to make these machines accessible for convenient and fast geometry changes or optimizations, the conversion of the inflexible formats into a parametric description of all details is necessary.

The reverse engineering capability of CFturbo allows the user to convert any CAD model into a fully parametric CFturbo model in a very short time.

Subsequently, all geometry parameters are available for manual variations or optimizations, allowing the full potential for product improvements to be unlocked.

Reverse engineering is possible for radial and axial impellers as well as vaned stators.

The user-friendly process of reverse engineering runs in 3 sub-steps:

  • Import of the 3D CAD model Any number of files in STEP, IGES, Parasolid or BREP format can be selected.
  • Detecting the meridian By selecting the corresponding surfaces in the 3D model, the hub and shroud can be defined.
  • Detecting the blade By selecting the corresponding surfaces in the 3D model, the surfaces of the main blade can be defined, if required also those of the splitter blade.

Test examples by impeller type

Axial compressor

Centrifugal compressor

Mixed-flow pump

Centrifugal pump

Axial fan

Centrifugal fan