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CFturbo BLADERUNNER is an innovative software for automated simulation of Turbomachinery performance curves or maps. The user can organize, and setup simulations based on CFturbo models. Performance curves can be generated automatically, to compare CFD simulation results of different geometries and various speed lines.

CFturbo BLADERUNNER is designed to control the interaction of our conceptual design system CFturbo with CFD/FEA codes. Currently, it interacts with CFturbo SMP (Simerics MP) only. In future, other CFD/FEA codes will be connected, and DoE/optimization capabilities will be implemented. 

Main functions

  • Manage variants in a tree structure
  • Visualize 3D model
  • Specify mesh and solver parameters
  • Start of mesh processes and solver runs
  • Display mesh statistics
  • Display convergence
  • Create performance curves/ maps
  • Comparison of several variants

Test examples by machine type

Demo projects can be opened by CFturbo BLADERUNNER and contain CFturbo designs as well as CFD meshes.
CFD results were removed to reduce storage space requirements.