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Extension for ANSYS Workbench

How to use it

1. Install and load ANSYS Workbench Extension

  • Download the CFturbo ANSYS Workbench Extension CFturbo.wbex
  • In ANSYS Workbench the file CFturbo.wbex has to be selected via menu Extensions / Install Extension.
  • Extension is loaded by the Extension Manager, menu Extensions / Manage extensions. Then the extension CFturbo must be activated by checkbox.
  • In order to load the extension automatically, "Load as Default" must be selected.
  • Now CFturbo is available as a separate subsystem in the ANSYS Workbench Toolbox.

2. How it works

2.1 Create CFturbo subsystem

  • CFturbo is available as a separate subsystem in the ANSYS Workbench Toolbox.
  • By double-clicking or drag-and-drop, a CFturbo system with a setup component can be integrated into the project.
  • Open Setup menu and click Edit to open CFturbo interactively.

2.2 Configure CFturbo Subsystem

  • The parameter and export configuration can be made within CFturbo using PROJECT / ANSYS Workbench.
  • All CFturbo settings are saved in the working directory of the ANSYS Workbench.

2.3 Display in the ANSYS Workbench

  • For every exported component, the CFturbo system creates a corresponding component in ANSYS Workbench. The exported CFturbo nodes and the corresponding ANSYS application are displayed.
  • The parameters created in CFturbo are written into the parameter set within the ANSYS Workbench. Parameters can be modified bi-directionally.

2.4 Update and information

  • CFturbo export updates can be done in the context menu. See Setup >> Update.
  • All files created by CFturbo can be viewed in the workbench. See View / Files menu.
  • Toe view the logfile, see Extensions / View Log File.

2.5 Workflows

  • CFturbo models can be linked to corresponding ANSYS Workbench applications.
  • Please note:
    The workflows currently have to be set up with drag & drop. Transfer Data To New using the context menu is not yet available. This is a known workbench bug.

3. Current restrictions

Update of project structure

Currently the component structure in CFturbo and in ANSYS Workbench is not updated automatically. This means adding and deleting components in CFturbo will not be reflected in ANSYS Workbench automatically. Future developments will solve this issue.


Currently SpaceClaim does not automatically recognize domain and part names originated by CFturbo STEP export files. To overcome this problem, there are 2 alternative solutions:

  1. A python script can be used, which is created by CFturbo. This is stored in the same directory as the STEP files. This script must be run after opening SpaceClaim. Details are in the CFturbo Manual.
  2. Much more comfortable is the use of a second Workbench extension, which solves the problem with the names.
    ANSYS Workbench Extension "CFturbo Meshing"

When using SpaceClaim, additional problems may occur under certain circumstances, the solution of which is described in the CFturbo manual.

4. Uninstalling ANSYS Workbench Extension

  • To uninstall, use the Extension Manager,  Extensions / Manage extensions.
  • Important: To uninstall the extension, it must not have been loaded when the workbench was started. Therefore, the extension must first be deactivated and the workbench must be restarted.
  • Then the extension can be uninstalled via context menu.