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CFturbo Partners with Ozen Engineering

New CFturbo distributor on the US west coast

CFturbo, Inc. is pleased to announce they are partnering with Ozen Engineering, Inc. to promote together CFturbo’s Turbomachinery design software for Ansys users.

Ozen Engineering will start selling and supporting a new software solution for Turbomachinery design, simulation, and optimization by combining CFturbo with Ansys Workbench products such as Ansys TurboGrid, Ansys CFX, Ansys Fluent, Ansys optiSlang, and Ansys Mechanical. Related engineering services for Turbomachinery applications are an important opportunity for the partnership too.

CFturbo and Ansys software provide beginners and experts with the ability to start from a design point or with an existing geometry to design, to simulate, and to optimize Turbomachines such as pumps, blowers, fans, compressors, or turbines. It is a user-friendly, intuitive, and seamless workflow to improve the performance, power, and efficiency of Turbomachinery components. 

We have integrated CFturbo software into Ansys Workbench, allowing engineers to take advantage of a powerful, straightforward workflow for Turbomachinery design, simulation, and optimization. The partnership with Ozen Engineering will be a push for this outstanding Turbomachinery CAE-solution within the Ansys community”,
said Ralph Peter Mueller, President of CFturbo, Inc.

CFturbo tools is a great add-on to Ansys software portfolio. CFturbo reduces the turbomachinery design cycle by an order of magnitude. This reduction in design time enables quicker access to Ansys simulation tools and decreases overall project time. We look forward to serving the engineering community with CFturbo and Ansys tools”,
said Metin Ozen, Principal of Ozen Engineering, Inc.