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CFturbo offers a large variety of export interfaces for all major simulation systems in turbomachinery. This allows the user to build automated workflows, both for design explorations and optimizations. More details here:

CAD-, CFD-, FEA- Interfaces & Workflows

CFturbo SMP

Our CFD code, CFturbo SMP, is an accurate, fast, user-friendy and affordable solution for flow simulation, based on Simerics MP. It can be used to compute performance curves, efficiency, torque, and shaft power for pumps, blowers, fans, compressors and turbines.

The base code of CFturbo SMP can be extended by a number of options such as multiphase flows, cavitation, radiation, and fluid-structure coupling.

Distributed parallel processing is available with the release of Simerics 5, since July 2019.

Key Benefits of CFturbo SMP

  • Accurate Its meshing technology and fast 3D Navier Stokes solver allow transient simulations which ensure accurate predictions.
  • Fast Binary tree meshing, state-of-the-art solver technology, and parallel processing give quick solutions—even on laptops and desktop computers.
  • User-friendly The user interface is intuitive, while the most important settings are already pre-configured by CFturbo.
  • Affordable The prices are competitive compared to other commercial CFD codes.

CFturbo SMP is easy to automate for design exploration and optimization. By quickly validating designs, you can dramatically reduce development time.

Turbomachinery simulation made easy

CFturbo SMP can be tested in conjunction with a free CFturbo trial.


Workflow to CFturbo SMP