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CFturbo BLADERUNNER - Centrifugal End-Suction Pump

The CFturbo BLADERUNNER is a unique and innovative tool that will outperform the known capabilities of an automated simulation process for Turbomachinery performance maps. The new CFturbo BLADERUNNER controls the interaction of our conceptual Turbomachinery 3D-CAD system CFturbo with the 3D-CFD software CFturbo SMP (Simerics MP). This combination offers a user-friendly, robust, and affordable solution to predict Turbomachinery performance accurately, making it a tool of great interest to professionals and newcomers in the field.

The actual example will demonstrate the setup and the performance map simulation for a centrifugal end-suction pump model, including the leakage flow path.


Christopher Sands and Ralph Peter Mueller, CFturbo, Inc.